Audix TM2 Now Available



The TM2 is an all-in-one microphone and acoustical coupler solution for in-ear monitor (IEM) test and measurement in the professional sound industry. Simply connect the TM2 to a microphone preamp as the measurement input to Smaart, and use the headphone output of the same device to play your reference test signal through your IEMs. Live sound engineers, especially monitor engineers, require routine checks that the IEMs used by themselves and the performers reliably meet functional expectations on a show-to-show basis. The TM2 gives engineers a convenient hardware solution to test IEMs in their work environment – which is most often far from laboratory conditions. 

The ability to calibrate the TM2 for SPL with an external acoustic calibrator allows mix engineers to accurately measure the levels being delivered to the artist, helpful for consistency and important for the ability to characterize sound exposure risk. 

Ear simulator “couplers” are the measurement devices used by manufacturers of IEMs to capture key metrics during research & development, final production and quality control. Using patent-pending technology, the TM2 incorporates the functionality of laboratory type testing equipment into an integrated compact package. This makes the TM2 ideal for live sound mix engineers who want a simple yet effective way to test IEM performance without the laboratory grade price tag.

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