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Smaart Di v2 Upgrade License

Enter your original Smaart license number below and click "Check License" to verify upgrade eligibility.

If your license allows more than 2 installs, you can choose how many installs you want to upgrade in the "Number of Installs to Upgrade" dropdown and the price will be adjusted accordingly.

NOTE: If you do not upgrade all of your available installs at this time, you will NOT be able to upgrade your remaining installs via this purchase interface later. You will will need to upgrade any remaining installs on this license directly through your license management account.

Upgrade Price:
Regular price $199.00
Regular price Sale price $199.00

This is an upgrade from an earlier version of Smaart to Smaart Di v2. A valid Smaart license code must be entered above to proceed with your purchase. Please note that only (1) license upgrade of any version can be purchased at a time. 

Smaart upgrades are only available via Electronic Delivery. Upon verification of your previous-version Smaart license code and completion of your upgrade purchase, you will receive your Smaart Di v2 license code via e-mail along with all necessary registration and activation instructions.

Smaart Di v2 is the limited-feature, dual-channel version of Smaart.  It offers the same Spectrum and Transfer Function measurement capabilities as Smaart v8, but can only support a single input device and 2-inputs at a time. It does not offer any of the Impulse Response mode acoustic measurement capabilities nor does it have the advanced SPL monitoring and logging functions of Smaart v8.  

Smaart Di v2 is most nimble and quickly adaptable measurement environment for Smaart, with all critical configuration and control parameters accessible from a single intuitive UI (user interface). Smaart Di v2 is perfect for quick and precise measurements without the demands of the standard version’s multi-measurement, multi-mode, and multi-window complexity.

NOTE:  Once a Smaart license has been registered to a license management account at and activated on any computer, it is non-returnable and non-refundable.  We encourage you to take advantage of the free 30-day demo for all Smaart software products prior to purchase, to ensure it meets your requirements.  If you are unsure about which version of Smaart is right for you, check out the Product Comparison page.

Key features in Smaart Di v2 include:

  • Improved Data Handling
  • Centralized Program Configurator
  • Hide/Show Interface Control Bars
  • Touchscreen-Friendly User-Configurable command buttons
  • Stand-alone Broadband Metering
  • Integrated Control for the Smaart I-O
  • Smaart-to-Smaart API Remote Control
  • Built-in program updater
  • Better performance on the latest operating systems
  • Improved stability & security
  • Native support for high-definition displays

Smaart Di v2 feature limitations include:

  • Input monitoring and control for only 2 inputs at a time
  • Ability to measure only one Transfer Function at a time
  • No separate Impulse Response Mode, and therefore no capability to make advanced acoustic measurements, examine reverb times/structure or calculate specific intelligibilty criteria such as STI, Clarity or T60

Licensing Details

  • Each license of Smaart Di v2 comes with 2 installations 
  • Smaart Di v2 can be activated either automatically online (if an internet connection is detected) or manually offiline. Once activated, the program does not need an internet connection and can be operated offline
  • Once installed and activated on a computer, Smaart Di v2 can be deactivated from that computer by the user, allowing you to reclaim an installation on your license if your computer is being retired, temporarily replaced or reformatted.  In the case of loss, theft or catastrophic failure, you will need to contact Rational Tech Support.
  • Purchase of additional installations onto existing licenses is available directly through our online license management site once you have registered your license.

For Windows® and macOS®

Smaart Di v2 runs native under both macOS and Windows from the same unified source code.

Please click here for the recommended system requirements.

The best way to find out whether Smaart Di v2 can perform to your satisfaction on your current computer system is to try the demo version.