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Smaart SPL New License

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Smaart SPL is a stand-alone SPL monitoring program encompassing all of the advanced SPL monitoring features found in Smaart v8, in a streamlined purpose-built package. Smaart SPL does not perform Spectrum, Transfer Function or Impulse Response measurements.

With an interface designed for simplicity and speed, Smaart SPL provides a powerful and full-featured solution for monitoring, metering, and logging SPL but with a format and price point more accessible to users who don’t require the real-time frequency and impulse response mode analysis capabilities of our flagship Smaart v8 software.

Important: For accurate SPL measurements, this product requires the use of microphone calibrator in addition to a suitable acoustic test & measurement microphone and a microphone preamp / audio interface.

NOTE:  Once a Smaart license has been registered to a license management account at and activated on any computer, it is non-returnable and non-refundable.  We encourage you to take advantage of the free 30-day demo for all Smaart software products prior to purchase, to ensure it meets your requirements.

Key Features

  • Quick access to configuration functions and logging actions from a single, intuitive control bar
  • SPL History timeline shows data collected over entire logged or live-logging event
  • At-a-glance display of all calibrated inputs
  • A fully configurable Meter Grid is a dashboard for critical showtime metrics
  • View meters for multiple microphones in real time
  • Green, Yellow, and Red “traffic light” threshold controls for each metric
  • Connect to Smaart SPL’s integrated web interface via any desktop or mobile device on the network (password protection option for access control)
  • Supports multi-channel input devices
  • Monitor multiple input devices concurrently
  • Log data from all calibrated inputs
  • Supports multiple 10EaZy systems
  • Configure alarms for any or all calibrated inputs
  • SPL Fast and Slow
  • Options for A-weighting, C-weighting, and Z-weighting (no-weighting)
  • Octave (1/1 Oct) weighting for monitoring the SPL of specific Octave banded frequency centers
  • Custom Leq lengths in seconds or minutes, up to 1440 minutes (24 hours)
  • Leq A-weighting, C-weighting, Z-weighting, and Octave weighting
  • Noise exposure measured directly as a percentage of daily recommended dose
  • Exposure models based on NIOSH Recommended Exposure Levels and OSHA Permissible Exposure Levels
  • Smaart SPL logs 13 common metrics by default, additional metrics can be customized/added as desired
  • Logfile header contains Max values for each logged metric as well as any Overloads, Alarm instances, and user-added Notes.
  • Create an SPL Summary Report containing event details as well as statistics for each metric (Max, L90, L50, L10) and any alarm violations that occurred during the period.

Licensing Details

  • Each license of Smaart SPL comes with 2 installations 
  • Internet access is required for the activation of Smaart SPL. Once activated, the program does not need an internet connection and can be operated offline
  • Once installed and activated on a computer, Smaart SPL cannot be deactivated by the user.  In the case of computer failure or loss, you will need to contact Rational Tech Support.
  • Purchase of additional installations onto existing licenses is available directly through our online license management site once you have registered your license.

For Windows® and macOS®

Smaart SPL runs native under both macOS and Windows from the same unified source code.

Please click here for the recommended system requirements.

The best way to find out whether Smaart SPL can perform to your satisfaction on your current computer system is to try the demo version.