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Smaart v8 + 10EaZy RT Combo

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Save over $250 when you purchase a license of Smaart v8 together with a 10EaZy RT SPL Monitoring System.

Combo includes:

  • 1 license of Smaart v8 (digital delivery)
  • 1 10Eazy RT system (shipped via your choice of carrier)

Connect one or more 10EaZy systems to your Mac or Windows computer and you’re ready to take certified, class-compliant SPL measurements from within Smaart v8 (v8.2 or higher).

MAM – Maximum Average Manager
Using 10EaZy hardware with Smaart unlocks a set of key elements from 10EaZy software within the Smaart user interface, including the popular "Maximum Average Manager" (MAM). MAM is an intuitive real-time meter that tracks your sound level and continuously evaluates your likelihood of violating the configured Leq limit. Each block on the MAM represents one dB of difference from the “ideal” average level. If you have two red blocks showing in the MAM, you are currently 2 dB louder than the ideal average; 3 green blocks means you have 3 dB to play with. 

10EaZy Hardware
Each 10EaZy Class 2 system comes with a Class 2 proprietary ½ inch measurement microphone and a dedicated tamper-free USB interface. The system is pre-calibrated from the factory, so all you need to do is plug it into your computer running Smaart and you’re ready to begin measuring SPL. 10EaZy microphone input can also be used for single-channel RTA and Spectrograph measurements. The new integration also supports measuring SPL from multiple 10EaZy units simultaneously.

10EaZy on Mac
Formerly a PC-only product, 10EaZy hardware can now be used on the Mac platform through Smaart.